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we are building a bridge between fashion and technology since 10+ years


"Innovation— any new idea—by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience." - Warren Bennis.

360Fashion Network was formed in 2008 by Anina Net, an international fashion model now based in San Francisco and Beijing with 10+ years’ experience creating a bridge between the east and west, fashion and tech. Anina recently created 162 smart gloves using gesture recognition for Intel's cooperation with CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She is invited to speak at the top global technology conferences, along with fashion and social media events.

Most people consider Anina Net to be on the bleeding edge of the fashion technology for her new product developments and her vision for the future technological lifestyle. 


With our HQ office in the United States and our lab founded in Beijing, our company spans two cultures and continents. 

Working together with the China National Garment Association over the last five years, Anina has successfully produced large-scale exhibitions with over 110,000 people attending, roundtable discussions, and fashion tech runway shows, which feature wearable technology and IOT fashion solutions. 

Companies, who want to create a basis for long-term success, are constantly evolving. To be sustainable, companies must constantly be ahead of its competition, using innovation to develop their own technology and creating a credible footprint that fills a market niche, contributing to creating real benefits to the public.

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we bring fashion and technology together through experiences


Without the guidance of Anina I would never have launched my fashion blog in February 2005. She is always ahead of the game. Our history goes back 14 years and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in technology and how it can work for them.


Anina is by far one of the most innovative and intelligent people in my network. Anina is renowned and respected nationally and internationally for her work in leading cultures, communities, and companies into the future through technology. 


I have known Anina since before the fashion industry was interested in technology and she was pushing the envelope that that time far in advance of anyone in that space. Today Anina remains the leader in this arena expanding to cloud connected clothing, women wearable tech, and having watched her company grow in the last 10 years has been a great achievement for women in technology. We are proud to have featured her at FashionTechBerlin and look forward to continued cooperation. I highly recommend fashion companies to innovate to work with Anina and 360Fashion Network.


Anina, as it has been said by others: is a model with a passion for fashion and technology. She has above average public speaking skills and cutting edge concepts. Anina is a people person and knows how to interact with everyone. She has worked closely with Nokia and was even the subject of a PBS documentary. Whether in front of the camera or an active multi-tasker behind the scenes, Anina blends fashion and technology in her own articulate way. She tries to look at things from several different angles or perspectives and can offer a modern solutions for a 21st Century World.

"I think the 360Fashion event is very impressive. "

Thomas Reemer | 88TC88

"An amazing exhibition with so many people and so much ENERGY..."

Nancy Fina | Photographer

"I love everything with technology in it."

Thomas Rasch | Modeverband Deutschland 

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